Help underprivileged children suffering from mental illness

About the FACE to FACE Foundation…

Children and families today face many unsettling and complex issues that require sensitivity, care, and concern. The FACE to FACE Foundation aims to provide underprivileged, underinsured, and uninsured children, adolescents, and families throughout metropolitan Detroit with the critical crisis intervention psychiatric services that they desperately need to deal with these complex issues. Contact us today for more details about how The FACE to FACE Foundation can help.


Funding and awards are on an individual case basis giving consideration to specific application criteria. Additionally, the medical necessity of child and adolescent mental health services will dictate use and access to all FACE to FACE Foundation awards. All individual candidates receiving foundation funding will become a member of the FACE to FACE Foundation Alumni group. These alumni will have a case history file maintained, which shall consist of information including, but not be limited to, names, addresses, purpose of awards, amount of each award, and process of selection.

Grant Funding

The number of foundation grants allotted for each particular calendar year will be based on several factors, including the amount of charitable donations received during the previous calendar year, the number of foundation applicants, and the amount of each funding award. Typically, foundation awards will be offered in 5-day increments at a rate of $250 per diem. Therefore, in many instances, foundation awards will be offered in blocks of $1,250, $2,500, $3,750, and so on. All applicants for foundation amounts will go before the board of directors for review and approval. This board is responsible for supervising all funding activities, including application reviews, award application approvals, fund releases, and all other generally accepted managerial activities. The board shall consist of a president, secretary, and treasurer, all of whom will serve as the selection committee for all foundation funding.


Donations, contributions, and support to our nonprofit foundation will assist those candidates between the ages of 5 and 17. To be eligible for an award, a child must present from a low-income household that earns no more than $29,999 per year. He or she must also meet medical necessity of services. Please contact The FACE to FACE Foundation today to request an application or see if your child qualifies for an award.

Call The FACE to FACE Foundation today at (800) 395-3223 for more details about Foundation Award availability.

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